Broken Dreams
by Michael Bollino

2013 Gurafiku Review: Popular design from the Gurafiku Research Feed: To Infinity.

sassygayclarinetist: canadian vandalism


slender moonSometimes I’m confused by Canadian stereotypes but then I realize that we literally dump maple syrup onto the snow, wait for it to get gooey and then scoop it up with a stick and eat it

therapsids: you better not be fucking with me canada is this for real

lottery: it is all too real


Caramilk bars are produced at one location, [Cadbury’s] Gladstone Chocolate Factory in Toronto.


Day 10: Childhood dream
Ever since I was maybe 4 or 5 years old I’ve had a recurring dream of being inside this dark concrete space, looking into another room, closed off by a wall-sized pane of glass.  Inside is a large floating boulder-looking thing made of something like black obsidian.  It pulsates and grows, and presses upon the glass until the glass finally shatters and falls down on me.  I still dream this sometimes during the first few minutes of sleep.


working on new business cards…