The plot of the second movie would be, “Rumors spread that a group of people managed to pull off Inception, and middle-eastern terrorists soon catch onto the idea and plan to perform Inception on world leaders, forcing them to dissolve law and order”

this better not happen because fuck you

Essentially Warner Bros wants to take everything that Inception stands for and run it into the ground by piecing together hodge podge sequels until it ruins the original and the masses can’t stand the thought of it…

I understand why Batman is a franchise, it’s not an original idea and based on the set of characters and the storytelling that Nolan has created, it’s essential to have more than one film to show the progression of Bruce Wayne from billionaire to a true vigilante. And while I adore The Dark Knight Saga, I feel like expanding any further after The Dark Knight Rises would be too much. A trilogy is a perfect number of films to tell an extensive adaptation story, as there is a defined beginning, middle and end if it’s written and filmed well. 

Inception however is not an adaptation, therefore it really has no need for multiple films. The way it was written and filmed gave great character arcs and the main character his resolution. Granted it left a lot of the other characters and scenarios very open-ended, but I feel like all of the supporting “dream team” were very open to begin with. You don’t know anything about their past other than what is presented at face value as you meet them in the film, so it makes sense that they come together like a big bang for a job and then exit each other’s lives just as quickly with no explanation. That’s the nature of the business and I think it’s brilliant how Nolan designed it to be that way.

In my opinion, it’s a one film piece and doesn’t need expansion or as this article insinuates, a completely different story with only fragments of the original idea so that it can be grouped in with Inception. As we’ve seen many times in the past, it’s horrible film making, but more specifically, it’s a system based on a lack of consideration to the audience and a vast greed for money. 

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    Why doesn’t Nolan just tell WB to fuck off now he’s done the 3rd Batman film they wanted? Middle Eastern terrorists....
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    LOL this. I just want two hours of beautiful e/a sexual frustration, angst and then eventual fluff. They could do as...
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    please dear gods do not let this be a thing
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    Oh HELL NO.
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    antrozous:akitron: I love how most people’s concern with this is that Warner Bros are wanting to do a sequel to...
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    I couldn’t agree more with this^ couldn’t they just make a movie about Arthur and Eames? I would watch it
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    HOLLYWOOD, STOP. btw the only one kind of sequel i’d be interested in is the one where we get to see arthur and eames...
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    MIDDLE EASTERN TERRORISTS, SERIOUSLY? Inception: Now with added racism, and extra scary dark bad guys! WTF. Also, what...
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    No sequel/prequel of Inception. Leave it the fuck alone.
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