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Federation Fleet Chart by Bernd Schneider more Star Trek charts here

Yeah I want this.
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Spock: In the event I do not return please tell Uhura… that I love her vagine.
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best. uniform. ever.

I concur.


ohhhhh lawdy

Sometimes I almost feel like a three month experience for something that will last forever is not fair for the actor. Because what you guys get to watch, that’s for you. The part of shooting the movie, that’s for me. I take all those memories and that experience with me. And to get to go back to Star Trek and see Chris’ baby blue eyes and get to kiss Spock, Zachary, and to work with J.J. I couldn’t have been in a better environment from the writers to the producers to everyone. To get to relive that experience in another adventure in space… I’m not looking forward to the dress though. It just means I have to hit the gym two months before we start shooting, so I’m not looking forward to that.

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